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A direct line between the farm and the butcher’s store

Millevaches is the butcher’s store on ’t Eilandje in Antwerp and on the Turnhoutsebaan in Schilde but also a farm in and around Mainsat, on the Plateau de Millevaches in France. The direct line between the farm and the butcher’s store not only guarantees pure natural meat of the highest level, meat from our own pasture also ensures that the price remains correct and the taste piccobello.

Cows and pigs live outside on the Millevaches farm. Herds of cows graze on endless pastures while pigs dig deep into the forest. Calves and piglets are born naturally and slowly grow to the rhythm of nature.

"Because we control everything - from farm to butcher's store - our quality is guaranteed to be high and our price is correct."

Culinary quality at the butcher's store

With compliments from farmer and chef
To the butcher's store

Family of Lux and Món

The cows and pigs of Millevaches also get their own grains on the farm in France to beautifully marble the meat and give it even more flavor. In order to avoid transport stress, they are slaughtered in to the local abattoir. That is better for the animals and better for the meat. Their carcasses are transported to Belgium and expertly boned in the butcher’s store and cut into fresh fillets, entrecôtes, steaks, stew, chops, patties, bacon, bacon and various types of minced meat.

The butcher’s store and the Millevaches farm belong to the family of the restaurants Lux and Món on ’t Eilandje in Antwerp. The meat of Millevaches is served in the restaurants and in turn the chefs create ready-made preparations for the butcher’s store: classics and surprises. Always of culinary quality for a correct price.

Skilfully made at the butcher's store

Own meat, charcuterie and ready-to-eat meals
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Real taste

The beef from Millevaches is from Limousins, Black Angus or Aubrac cows that have calved a few times. The pork from Cul Noirs and Mangalicas. These are authentic breeds that ensure that meat really tastes like it should, with compliments from farmer and chef. For the Cul Noirs, Millevaches has even started its own breeding line, just because it is such a unique breed with such a unique flavor.

The meat of Millevaches cows and pigs is made into charcuterie in the workshop of the butcher’s store in its own smokehouse, salt factory and ripening. There are different types of minced meat, including the pork mince of Piétrain pigs.

"Our workshop is 500 square meters, equipped with everything needed to make both everyday and exclusive butcher's store products."

Correct price & complete

Both known and unique butcher's store products
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Correct price

Because Millevaches is the direct supplier for her fresh meat and cooperates with the restaurants Lux and Món for her preparations, the butcher’s store can keep the price right and at the same time offer more quality and culinary level. Both for ‘known’ products that you expect from a butcher’s store and for the ‘unique’ that you may wish from a chef.

Atelier Millevaches prides itself on its meat from her own pasture but it also wants to be a complete butcher’s store with a complete range of other beef, chicken, lamb and various types of regional charcuterie from Italy. Always of the same excellent quality and of animals that have really lived. The prepared dishes include fish and vegetarian variations in the range. There is also an assortment of cheese and wine and everything for takeaway sandwiches and sandwiches, naturally topped with culinary quality for a fair price. Everything you expect from the butcher’s store.

"What we do not make and sell meets the same quality standards as our own products: respect for the animal and a correct price."

Experienced, ambitious and creative

Team of butchers and chefs

Michael Vervliet, butcher at the butcher's store

Young • ambitious • generations of experience

Bert Zaman, chef

Inspired • professional • master chef

View our animals living on the farm

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Opening hours: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
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